2021 - 2022 College Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2021 - 2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Organization

College Leadership Team

Dr. Michael R. Laliberte

Dr. Tomás Aguirre
Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Lauralea Edwards
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Thomas Jordan
Provost and Vice President for Academic Programs and Services

John Padovani
Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Life

George Spielman
Assistant to the President

Mark Sullivan
Vice President of Marketing and Communications 

Michael Sullivan
Vice President of College Advancement

College Council

Jack Schoonmaker, Interim Chair
Kingston, New York

Jeanne Ellsworth
Roxbury, New York

Katherine Mario
Delhi, New York

Wayne Oliver
Delhi, New York

Ray Pucci
Delhi, New York

Omar Siddiqi
Sidney Center, New York

Joshua Lopez, Student
Newburgh, New York

Joseph E. Sutaris
Oneonta, New York

Three Vacant Seats

SUNY Board of Trustees

Merryl Tisch (Chairman) 

Cesar Perales (Vice Chairman) 

Joseph W. Belluck 

Bradley Hershenson, Student Assembly representative

Courtney Burke 

Eric Corngold 

Robert Duffy 

Marcos Crespo 

Christy Woods 

Eunice Lewin 

Stanley S. Litow 

Richard Socarides 

James Haddon 

Edward Spiro 

Cary F. Staller 

Keith Landa 

Camille Joseph Varlack