2019 - 2020 College Catalog 
    Aug 13, 2022  
2019 - 2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARCH 570 - Thesis Studio

Credit Hours: 6
Lecture Hours: 0
Laboratory Hours: 12

Prerequisite(s): ARCH 520  & ARCH 530 , min. grades in both courses = C

Restriction(s): None

Corequisite(s): None

Thesis Studio is the culminating design studio for all 5th year seniors completing a Bachelors of Architecture. Under the supervision of a faculty member students will investigate an architectural thesis generated in Thesis Research. This “site” of work will provide students with an opportunity to focus and produce a person architectural response.
Completion of this course and submission of a final Degree Project Portfolio will be required to graduate.

Student Learning Outcomes of the Course:
  1. Apply research for the creation of an architectural project.
  2. Utilize accumulated knowledge within the scope of an architectural investigation.