2019 - 2020 College Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
2019 - 2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ARTS 110 - History of Rock Music

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Laboratory Hours: 0

Prerequisite(s): None

Restriction(s): None

Corequisite(s): None

This course is a selective but comprehensive overview of the musical style known as “rock and roll.” The course historically follows rock’s beginning as a child of Afro- American musical styles and continues through its development into the 1980’s. The course emphasizes and explores: the absorption of black music and culture into the conservative white lifestyle of the 1950’s; the adoption of rock music as a signature expression of the “baby-boom” culture of the 1960’s; the diffusion of the rock music of the 1970’s into diverse styles, including progressive rock; and the incorporation of characteristics of European classical music.

Student Learning Outcomes of the Course:
  1. SUNY GE 8: Students will demonstrate understanding of at least one principal form of artistic expression and the creative process inherent therein.