2019 - 2020 College Catalog 
    Aug 13, 2022  
2019 - 2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ALHT 301 - Ethics in Healthcare

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3
Laboratory Hours: 0

Prerequisite(s): ALHT 202  or MATH 115  or equivalent statistics course and UNIV 300  or enrolled in the Healthcare Management - BBA  with junior status

Restriction(s): Restricted to Nursing: Online - RN-to-BSN  and Healthcare Management - BBA  programs

Corequisite(s): None

This course focuses on contemporary healthcare issues raising personal and professional ethical concerns. Emphasis is placed on cultural differences, current legislation, political and religious controversy, economic constraints, technology, and professional commitment related to the resolution of the identified ethical dilemmas. The process of ethical analysis and reasoning is used to resolve representative and healthcare situations. Scientific literature that has utility in guiding ethical decision making will be explored and analyzed.

Student Learning Outcomes of the Course:
  1. Identify the role of the healthcare professional with regard to ethical decision-making.
  2. Explore theories and principles central to ethical dilemmas and moral development.
  3. Examine how ethical decision-making impacts healthcare professionals.
  4. Analyze research related to ethical issues and dilemmas to promote ethical decision making.