2021 - 2022 College Catalog 
    Dec 08, 2021  
2021 - 2022 College Catalog

ARCH 250 - Architectural Digital Design I

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 2
Laboratory Hours: 2

Prerequisite(s): ARCH 110  and ARCH 120  

Restriction(s): None

Corequisite(s): None

This course introduces students to three-dimensional computer modeling and techniques for the digital production of architectural renderings. Students apply “3-D” techniques to buildings and other architectural features. Photo-realistic renderings and walk-throughs are covered.

Student Learning Outcomes of the Course:
  1. Prepare a mid-term and final presentation to support the verbal presentation.
  2. Design rational and response to the project is visually narrated by drawings and models which clearly communicate the stated intent of the project.